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Carlton County

   FY 2012 Financial Audit


Latest on Thom Pertler, Carlton County Attorney...


-County Commissioner admits to using township equipment for his own use and claims he had their permission

-Carlton County Stonewalls Data Requests Again...

-Carlton County Commissioners - Dropping the Ball on Animal Rescue

-Carlton County FY 2012 Financial Audit Results:  How well are Taxpayer Funds Safeguarded?

-Carlton County Stonewalls Data Requests

-Freedom to Trespass - The debacle of "Carlton County Attorney Thom Pertler" ...



Board waives disciplinary measures against county attorney, Thomas Pertler, after his DUI - Big surprise!

11/10/12:  Lion News: Dashcam Video - Arrest Of Carlton County Attorney Thomas 'The Drunk' Pertler

10/20/12:  Trespassing in Thomson Township (Esko) and the Sham Investigation

10/19/12:  The Oath that County Attorney Thom Pertler Ignores

10/17/12:  How much Evidence is enough for County Attorney Thomas Pertler

10/16/12:  Carlton County Budget Politics

10/13/12: What happened to the employee theft claims in Carlton County?

9/30/12: Trespassing Charges Dismissed by Carlton County

9/12/12: Carlton County Attorney Thom Pertler pleads guilty to DWI

9/11/12:  Carlton County Attorney Pleads Guilty to Chemical Test Refusal

8/28/12:  Thomas Pertler is already back at Carlton County

7/20/12:  Carlton County Attorney finally responds to Investigation Request

3/13/12:  Carlton County Attorney Thomas Pertler should resign

4/16/12:  Government of Restraint [Lacking in Thomson Township and Carlton County]

2/20/12:  Trespassing without Consequence

2/13/12:  Minnesota Governments Lack of Transparency - with references to its abuse by Thomson Township

12/21/11:  Constitutional challenges to the MN Government Data Practices Act, Sovereign Immunity (under guise of other immunities), MN DOLI powers, and late Admissions -  Thomson Township used the Data Practices Act and its limitations to hide information

10/13/11:  Private Property (and how County Attorney Thom Pertler fails to protect citizens from Trespass)

9/25/09:  A Rehab Project gone Awry (This is why few businesses come to Esko)

2009 Budget Reporting Deficiencies

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