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Floodwood MN - the centerpoint of Hibbing, Grand Rapids, and Cloquet

The Northland Watch

For local news and stories that newspapers are afraid to run, please bookmark us, www.floodwoodnews.com.  To advertise, share a press release, or other news, please email me at marvindp@msn.com.  This website is devoted to the truth that is hidden by main stream media, politicians, and cowards.


A Great Response to Black Lives Matters 

  Epic Rant to Ferguson Rioting 


Regional & National News


Implied Consent Case Shows Its Abuses by the State and County


Please support the Collaborative effort of the Scenic Rivers Medical Clinic and Floodwood School 


Share your thoughts with the school board:  kjohnson@isd698.org (Chair Kandi Johnson), shall@isd698.org (Vice-Chair Steve Hall), tmyles@isd698.org (Tim Myles), drohde@isd698.org (Dave Rohde), jruzynski@isd698.org (Justin Ruzynski), csuonvieri@isd698.org (Cory Suonvieri), rvillebrun@isd698.org (Superintendent/Principal Rae Villebrun)


Why I Can't be a Democrat


Are Implied Consent Laws Constitutional?


City Land Purchase of Four Rivers Foundation Inc. under Scrutiny

Local Blogs

America's Return to Independence


Discusses what Americans need to do to recapture it's spirit of innovation  -- by reclaiming their personal rights, taking more responsibility for their own lives, and returning the United States to the independent, liberated population it once was -- Strong and Free!


America's Return to Independence -- http://returntoindependence.blogspot.com/



Green Alternatives - Live Smarter & Cheaper - http://sensiblegreen.blogspot.com/


Join the blog that discusses green alternatives that have a good payback in shorter periods of time.  This blog will discuss the many alternatives you have to save money by insulating, using air source heat pumps, solar thermal, etc.