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Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Welcome to the city of Floodwood and the home to the Floodwood Polar Bears.  This site will be a community resource for news, contractors, coupons, events, etc.  All contributors to local news are welcome.  This is www.FloodwoodNews.com - a community website for everyone.

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Marriage Applications/ DissolutionsMatter of Record | Obituaries

Check Propane Prices

Carlton County FY 2012 Financial Audit Results:  How well are Taxpayer Funds Safeguarded?

Think-N-Play Learning Center in Esko, owned by Saginaw Woman, Fined $6,200, Racks up 122 Citations, 66 Repeat Violations

December 12:  To be announced
December 4:  Jean Bennett (Northview Bank raffle) + another pending notification
November 28:
  Donald Arro and Margaret McDermeit
November 21:
Lesley Johnston and Debbie Keil

Turkeys and More…Honoring Thanksgiving and Christmas!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, Turkeys and gift certificates will be awarded on the basis of need or merit this year. The winners will be determined by the most compelling stories on why you or another family/person deserves a break this holiday season. Did you or someone you know undergo a difficult year, either with the loss of a loved one, medical issues, loss of a job, or something else? Win or lose, we would like to publish all stories of perseverance, struggle, and strength. We will not publish anything that may cause any further pain to anyone.

Additionally, we are looking for stories of individuals that have done something that deserves recognition. They may have served in the capacity of: volunteer; military; mentor; missionary; Peace Corps; taken care of someone; done something heroic; or helped someone in need.

This is also an opportunity for you to share your appreciation of others and express what they mean to you. Sometimes those sacrificing time and effort need and deserve to be recognized. This is that chance.

We will be awarding individual gifts (turkey and gift certificates) to two well-deserving people/families on six different dates (November 21 and 28; December 5, 12, 19, and 26).   Your stories and/or other suggestions may be left at the Floodwood Forum or any one of the participating locations. Winners will be determined by the highest total ranking as determined by the representative of each location.

Stories not winning one week will remain eligible for prizes in following weeks. All turkeys are 14 to 16 pounds.

Prizes/Giveaways to be Awarded to Two Lucky Recipients each Week

Week five (December 19):  2 Turkeys + more to be determined

Week six (awards extended):  $50 certificates to either The Grocery Store or Hardware Store

Participating Stores

  • River Country LLC (owned & operated by Dan & Sheila High)
  • The Floodwood Forum
  • The Grocery Store (owned & operated by Renee & Pat Johnson)
  • The Hardware Store (owned & operated by Renee & Pat Johnson)
  • Northview Bank:  Due to banking requirements, must accept all entries for a drawing and will be sponsoring their own raffle for a turkey. Please stop in to register.

What’s your story, who do you want to recognize and why, and who would you like to thank?

Individuals wishing to contribute to this giveaway may contact the Forum by email at theforum@accessmn.com, calling (218) 476-2224, or sending it to "Turkeys and More..." c/o The Forum, PO Box 286, Floodwood, MN 55736-0286. Specify your contribution and your name and/or business for credit. We’ll publish your information for no charge when contributions are made toward the cause.

Honor the "True Spirit" of Thanksgiving and Christmas by giving thanks.

Happy Holidays!

The Floodwood Forum


Floodwood Services & Training Fined by DHS

Carlton County Stonewalls Data Requests

Let's Make a Deal on Drugs by Angie Simonson

The Green Energy Hypocrisy

10/16/14:  Editorial:  Can a Federal Employee write Opinion Pieces?  Worse yet, can it be Partisan?

10/16/14:  Whistleblower Fired by VSCCI - Retaliation for Speaking on Behalf of Public Interest

10/11/14:  Local Non-Profit Cashing in on Methadone Crisis

Jane's Story of Methadone Addiction - and relapse...

9/1/14:  Freedom to Trespass - The debacle of "Carlton County Attorney Thom Pertler" - now that he's up for re-election and opposed by Dennis Genereau Jr., it's time to dump him

Cromwell Harvest Festival (September 4-6)

Likelihood of Mining in Tamarack

Floodwood Police Department - Mandated or Optional?

The Controversy over Bar Accountability in Cromwell

Wright Farmers Cooperative - Proposed 1st draft of coop bylaws to replace outdated 31 year old bylaws

Wrong Days of Wright

Catfish Days in Full Swing - Schedule Here...

City Land Purchase of Four Rivers Foundation Inc. under Scrutiny

Got an idea, but no money to try it -- Try Quirky.com

Pre-Fishing for Success by Doug Pirila Jr.

The Four Blood Moons are Signs of Change

The Freshwater Solution

SAX-ZIM BOG - Birders flock to Meadowlands

Top employers in Duluth/Superior added to employment page.  Find their employment links here...

Look in the Mirror Senator Franken - you don't share Minnesota Values

The Economic Solution Lies in Limiting Government Overreach

Soudan Mine - Perhaps the Greatest Untapped Energy of All Mines?

Propane Rationing:  Propane isn't short in supply, but short in sufficient transportation means

Dump Property Tax in Favor of a Flat State Income Tax

Are Peat Briquettes Viable Products for Local Peat Companies?

Incubators make more sense than Tax Free Zones

Burning Firewood for Maximum Efficiency --- Find the most efficient wood stove or multi-fuel furnace at Yukon-Eagle in Palisade MN.  Visit their website at www.yukon-eagle.com to learn more.

 Meadowlands:  The Undiscovered Country

July 12-14:  Floodwood Catfish Days

Tips to catching Catfish

Parcel Tax Information Lookup (St. Louis County)

A shameful past: Indian insane asylum [Tom Floodwood]

The Floodwood City Hall now has a drop box where residents can safely and anonymously dispose of any form of medication, both prescription and over-the-counter. The City Hall is located at 111 8th Avenue W and is open 8 a.m. to 4:30, M-F.

What makes Floodwood Unique?

The number one reason Floodwood is a great place to live is the sense of community.  No matter how long you've been away, you can visit your hometown and find old friends.  Individuals who grew up in a large or mid-sized city will never have this...nor understand the feeling it gives you.  In a small town you have a name, a history, and a legacy.

Floodwood offers a lot more in a small town than almost any other.  With a population of about 550, Floodwood has two financial institutions, the Floodwood Credit Union and Northview Bank.  It has three gas stations, Larry's Bait & Service, Little Store, and SuperAmerica.  Floodwood has a grocery stop, The Grocery Store, as well as a Hardware Store.  Two newspapers operate from Floodwood, the long-term home established Floodwood Forum and the newer Portage News.  To top it off, it has a larger modern school with some of the best teacher to student ratios anywhere.  Your security is established by a local police department and volunteer fire department.

Mat Inc., the local peat plant in Floodwood, is among its largest employers, and the brainchild of the late and great Joe Karpik.  Joe took what used to be the old Ford plant that closed down, and converted it into an enterprise that is now a strong cornerstone of the community.

Floodwood, unlike most small communities, has a medical clinic (Scenic Rivers Health Clinic) and dentistry (Scenic Rivers Dental).

The arts thrive in the Floodwood region, as evidenced by Grandma's Treasure Chest and the Hingeley Quilt Shop.  There are numerous artists and writers in the area.

If you need a place to eat, you've got many choices:  Subway, Burger House, Bridgeman's, Main Line Station, and Savanna Portage.

Floodwood started as a logging and farming community, but has evolved into a larger service sector.  Roughly 38% of those employed work out of town in the areas of Hibbing, Grand Rapids, Cloquet, and Duluth.  Several contractors reside in Floodwood and ready to serve its local citizens.  Lindquist Lumber is the local lumberyard meeting the communities building supplies needs.

The city of Floodwood is simply unmatched in terms of size for its services, school, and sense of community.

Christmas Trees - Red Barn Tree Farms

Scotch and white pine Christmas trees for $25; call ahead

Limited quantity

Day after Thanksgiving - December 12th

Ed and Anne Lundstrom
12324 Laurie Rd
(218) 476-1638

Help Wanted

Resident Support Staff at Brooke Manor, Inc

Available:  All shifts

Dependable; Must pass background check.

Call:  (218) 453-5262 or stop by 4878 Highway 31, Brookston to complete an application.

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