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Honoring the pride of the Northland!  We serve to highlight our communities with honest reporting as progress is dependent on facts.  The Northland 

is rich with outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes found in few places around the world.  We respect the need to preserve our environment while 

also allowing for the sustainable incomes and livelihoods of our residents.  Both are needed and possible. . .



(Pictures courtesy of www.paintingsprintsandarts.com)


Northland Watch:  When you want or need your news fast!  The only place you're going to find the good and bad in your community.

Northland Watchdog at Work

Holding Authorities Responsible

So far, our stories have led to:

  • -City Councilor resigning for conflict of interest
  • -County Commissioner caught using township owned equipment, with the town officials permission
  • -Contact by investigative reporter and leading investigator regarding Methamphetamine story

Questionable city actions/decisions investigated

Questionable claims by schools challenged


Expose conflicts, questionable actions, and claims by emailing marvindp@msn.com.  All contact is strictly confidential.


Special interest stories also wanted.  Who has done something amazing in your community that deserves recognition?  Report it.


Area Family in Need
Message from mom: I appreciate everyone that has prayed or donated to us. My daughter is still unwilling to speak out about her abuser to her counselor. Her world is upside down and she is afraid that anything she says will cause more trouble. She needs to speak, but how does she find the strength and conviction? Only God has the ability to help her. All I can do is be there for her to lean on and talk too, along with her baby sister. We have a long road but find hope in the selfless acts of others.

I wish I could tell you who we are, but we are all afraid. Everything I wanted for my family has been uprooted and I find myself looking for some way to salvage life for all of us.


The Sass Boutique

The Sass Boutique

NEWS:  Storefront now open at 903 Cloquet Ave, Cloquet, MN.

The Sass Boutique was established in 2018 to bring sweet and sassy pieces to your lifestyle! The Sass Boutique prides itself on providing clothing and products of quality.


We are continually growing our selection to meet your ever-changing wardrobe wants! Any input from our customers is always welcome! Please check us out at www.thesassboutique.com.

Tax Tips

Tax Tips

The MN rebate is taxable by the IRS, but not the state. You must deduct it from your state to avoid an error.