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Strategic Insights - Managing by the Book
Strategic Insights – Managing by the Book

By Marvin Pirila


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 

The Circle of Productivity, Effective Leadership, and Winning
Secret Management Techniques that only Managers that work with    
   People know
Supervisors Wear Many Hats
Mission Statement
Where does the Bible fit into Leadership?
The Bible Holds More Answers than all other References 
The Moral Path
Organization Structure

Chapter 2

Basic Principles Exist in All People
Integrity is Everything!
Motivation – What it is and isn’t
Productive Meetings
Vocational Needs

Chapter 3

The Demise of Micromanagers
Understanding Micromanagers
Tips to Dealing with one
Improving Performance – The PRICE system
Effective Delegation
Leadership Characteristics
The Law of Cause and Effect
Excel at the Basics
Check your Recording Practices

Chapter 4

Is it time to Hire?
Do you have the means to get things done?
Create the Person in You That You’re Looking For
Proactive vs. Reactive Behavior
Look good to improve your chances of success
Are you winning the Game of Life?
Positive Self-Awareness
Swim instead of Tread
The Right Balance of Short Term and Long-Term Objectives is the Key   
   to Effectiveness

Chapter 5

The True Sources of Performance
Managers Need a Life Too
Employees are the Source of Success!
What Employees are looking for in their Leader
Creating Win/Win Situations
Don’t Let Yourself Feel Betrayed by Your Work

Chapter 6

Office Politics
Everyone Has a Name and Is Important
Don’t Gossip with Gossipers
Morale Problems are Fixable
People You Work with Know More Than You Do

Chapter 7

Idea Champions
Value Differences of Opinion
Thomas Jefferson on Differences of Opinion
Minimize Bureaucracy
Minimize Harm by your Worst Workers
When a Reprimand is necessary
Recognize the Unsung Heroes
Find a Management Style that Suits You

Chapter 8

Supervisor/Manager Burnout Contributes to Worker Burnout
Disparity Kills Commitment
Let Them Finish What They Start When You Can
Prove Yourself Over and Over Again Everyday.
Enjoy and Celebrate the Process

Chapter 9

Acting on anger is dangerous
Value Everyone Around You
Stay Close to the Customer
Avoid Foolish Acts and Foolish Words
Taming the Tongue
Bury the Past and Leave it there

Chapter 10

Everyone’s 100% is Different
Tread Carefully to Avoid Hiring Fools
Don’t be afraid to Change What You’ve Just Changed
Change Management
Avoid Playing the Numbers Game if it’s not efficient

Chapter 11

Observe the Habits of Successful People
Manage to be respected, not liked
Patience is Trying but Required
God Sees When Others Don’t

Chapter 12

Realize that Fools/Evil People will sometimes sit in High Positions
Leaders Exude Confidence in Meeting Challenges
Realize What’s in Your Control and What Isn’t
You Have to Make Deposits to Make Withdrawals
Have Faith in Your Mission
Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Alone
Don’t Let Bullies Run the Workplace
Firing Someone is not easy, but necessary

Chapter 13

Be Wise when accepting Criticism
Tested by Praise
Only Challenge When You Know the Standard
Explore the Reasons Behind Good Workers Leaving
Don’t be Afraid to Promote the Best, even if They May Outshine You

Chapter 14

Establish Goals that are Attainable, Recordable, and Believed In
Effective Communication – One-on-Ones
Communicate the Reasons Behind the Goals
Simplify the Goals into Understandable Terms
Be Careful about How you Reward Performance Achievements
Allow Risks
Experimentation, Failure, and Success – Stay Persistent

Chapter 15

Supervisors Must Set a Higher Standard
Squash any sign of Harassment Dead in its Tracks
Don’t Shy Away from Asking Someone to do Something They Don’t Want to do
Reports Don’t Say It All
An Effective Leader Criticizes in Private and Praises Both Publicly and Privately
Avoid the “Give Them One More Chance” Syndrome
You Cannot Fix a Problem you’re a part of
Surround Yourself with Positive People
If You Oppress them, they will Rebel

Chapter 16

Dare to Think Bigger Than You Ever Have
The Subconscious Mind Fuels Your Course to Actualization
Accept the Fact that there will always be Horrible Bosses
Perspective is Everything
Management has to be on the same page
Success Requires Prudent Planning
Remove Barriers to Performance and Effectiveness
Dare to Dream and Dare to Act


Strategic Insights - Managing by the Book

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This book shares the experiences of a manager of 30 years who has worked firsthand with employees at every step of the way.  It explains the many ways and processes needed to maximize performance with varying types of people, opposing unions, and boundless bureaucracy.


This manager has always maintained firsthand communication with employees, learning what motivates and demotivates him or her. 


Table of Contents