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Cemeteries & Obituaries in Northern MN

Arlington National Cemetery

   -Search all national cemeteries...just type in last name and hit 'enter'


   - Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery

Carlton County -Obituaries/Cemetery Logs

Cromwell - Cemeteries

   -Automba (Automba Township)
   -Big Lake Indian Catholic (Perch Lake Township)
   -Eagle Lake (Eagle Township)

   -Forest Hill Cemetery (St. Louis County)
   -Lakeside (Lakeview Township)
   -Lakeview (Wright, Lakeview Township)
   -Methodist Indian (Perch Lake Township)

  - Prairie Lake Cemetery (St. Louis County)
   -Violet (Wright)
   -West Branch (Kalevala Township)
   -Wright Community (Wright)
   -Wright Catholic (Wright)

Duluth Cemeteries

   -Adas Israel Chevra Fadisha Cemetery, Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN

   -Calvary Cemetery, Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN   (Partial Transcription)

   -Tifereth Israel Cemetery, Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN

  Obituaries - state cemeteries

      - Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery, Little Falls, Morrison County, MN


  - Cedar Valley Cemetery

  - Fine Lakes Cemetery
  - Floodwood Cemetery

  - Forest Hill Cemetery

  - Hope Lutheran Cemetery

  - Prairie Lake Cemetery