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Neanderthals are just Humans after all

The evolution fairy tale just lost its great claim that man came from apes with the reclassification of Neanderthals as Homo sapiens.


In 1859, in his book Origin of the Species, Charles Darwin said: “Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, (why) do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms?”  This is from chapter six entitled Difficulties on the Theory. Scientists who believe evolution have been searching for transitional forms ever since but they have been not found Genesis says that six days after the universe appeared, completed and fully human creatures walked the Earth -- created from the dust of the earth.  In the end, fish are still fish, and birds are still birds.  They simply do not evolve into other species.  The fossil record fails to support evolution.


A study published on August 13, 2013, says Paris researchers have found what they say are specialized bone tools made by Neanderthals in Europe thousands of years before modern humans are thought to have arrived to share such skills, a discovery that suggests they were more advanced than previously believed.

The evolutionary assumptions concerning Neanderthals began when paleontologist Marcellin Boule (1861-1942) reconstructed the first Neanderthal as a ‘missing link.’  The depiction was one of an ape-man, stooping over.  This same picture is seen frequently in textbooks and is the “supposed” link of man and ape.  Studies have concluded that the “stooping” was nothing more than possible rickets and/or arthritis.  Evolution largely rested on this one alleged proof of an "ape-man."  However, the evidence that it just isn't true, blows the theory of evolution apart.


This reconstruction was called Homo neanderthalensis, implying a primitive evolutionary link to modern man, Homo sapiens.  A reanalysis of Boule’s work 44 years later showed evolutionary bias, rather than scientific facts, led to this erroneous evolutionary claim.  Some scientists stated that if you dressed him up, gave him a shave and bath, and sent him into society, he would attract no more attention than any subway’s other occupants.  Neanderthal man was then reclassified as Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, just a particular type of modern man.  Yes, he was just human.


While studying Neanderthal fossils first hand, Dr. Jack Cuozzo (a dentist by trade) noticed that the jaw placement was 1” out of place, making it look as though it had a protruding lower jaw, and giving it “ape-like” features.  This fact was silently swept aside.


In 2005, the WorldNetDaily reported that professor of anthropology, Reiner Protsch von Zieten, had been “forging and manipulating scientific facts” concerning Neanderthals “over the past 30 years.”  Professor Protsch had dated a female skeleton 21,300 years old, and another skull from Germany at 27,400 years old which were actually 3,300 and 260 years old, respectively.  Apparently, Protsch made up dates after returning from studying in America and finding that he was unable to work a carbon-dating machine.


Depictions of Neanderthal’s as half human and unintelligent have proven false.  The brain capacity of a Neanderthal was 13% bigger than modern humans.  The average height was 5’9”.  They had “advanced” stone tools, buried their dead, and enjoyed art.  Neanderthals also crafted a variety of stone tools and deadly, stone-tipped spears, showing an aptitude often attributed only to modern humans.


The discovery of a human hyoid bone (related to the larynx or voice box) prompted many evolutionists to state that Neanderthal man had speech and language ability similar to modern man.
DNA evidence links Homo sapiens to Neanderthals, proving once and for all that they are one and the same.  The fact is that different species cannot mate and reproduce - it's just not genetically possible.  This disproves any evolutionary link between humans and any animal forms, thus dispelling the myth of "evolution" once and for all.


The only reason the myth of evolution exists is because of the government grants given to organizations and universities to study the possibility.  A lot of this government money, raised by taxing all of us, goes towards promoting the theory of evolution -- in large part to keep its' funding.  Yes, our tax money is used to promote a known myth that is quickly disintegrating.  Scientists are undermining the trust and reliability that one expects from a "fact-based" mission to find the truth. 


Wouldn't it be nice if our kids learned more facts in science and a lot less about self-serving fairy tales?  At the minimum, why not teach both evolution and Creationism, pitting facts against facts?  They are against that idea because the facts aren't what they want the public to know.  They would rather promote the fairy tale that keeps the grants coming.