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Marvin Pirila


Former editor, Floodwood Forum (March 2014 - September 2015)


Former Tax Partner/General Partner - Web Content Specialist at Fishing Webmaster LLC, an Internet Development Company (June 2005– June 2015)


Developing community portals; business/individual websites; promoting/advertising sites via articles, press releases, content, etc


Education:  BBA, Finance & Economics at University of Minnesota-Duluth


Specialties:  Web content; e-books, articles, press releases etc.; Web site development & promotion.


Personal Blogs:  America's Return to Independence Blog - - debating the principles of the United States Constitution and the path back to the free market.


Green Alternatives - - Live Smart & Cheaper:  This blog explores the many green alternatives and highlights those that will save you the most money. There are a lot of alternative energy projects out there, but few will save you money, or have the payback you desire.


Minnesota Building Codes - - Minnesota Building Codes and their enforcement by building inspectors, the courts, and the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry


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