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Floodwood MN - the centerpoint of Hibbing, Grand Rapids, and Cloquet

Fighting for Justice

The Fall by John Peyton


The fight for justice comes with its own perils...


Original Watercolor Acrylic Available (14.5x21):  $1,750


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Local Blogs

America's Return to Independence


Discusses what Americans need to do to recapture it's spirit of innovation  -- by reclaiming their personal rights, taking more responsibility for their own lives, and returning the United States to the independent, liberated population it once was -- Strong and Free!


America's Return to Independence -- http://returntoindependence.blogspot.com/



Green Alternatives - Live Smarter & Cheaper - http://sensiblegreen.blogspot.com/


Join the blog that discusses green alternatives that have a good payback in shorter periods of time.  This blog will discuss the many alternatives you have to save money by insulating, using air source heat pumps, solar thermal, etc.

Conservative Issues

Truth or Fiction?

   Obscene Salaries of Welfare Recipients - (Minnesota 13th Highest) - TRUE.

   Fast and Furious Scandal - TRUE

   The State Department Reported Arizona to the United Nations Human Rights Commission Over Immigration Bill - TRUE (Obama & Hillary)

   Ted Kennedy sent a secret letter to the Soviets in 1983 - TRUE

   Bible Fused to  Steel Found in World Trade Center Wreckage - TRUE

   Image of a Cross Shining through an American Flag -TRUE

   An Article on “What is an American” in Response to Reports of Rewards in Pakistan for Killing an American–Truth!

   Charlie Daniels’ Open Letter to Anti-War Celebrities–Truth!  [This guy is a true American!]

   Charlie Daniels’ Article about The Taliban Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba–Truth!


Abortion and its costs to Society

Business & Economics

  -Building Code Reality

  -Got an idea & no money, try Quirky.com

  -Job/Occupational Information

  -Tax Links

Conservative Principles in Politics

Creationism vs. Randomness

  -Where was God at Sandy Hook?  by Marshall Harris

Energy - Facts & Ideas

  -Can Switching to Natural Gas save you Money?

Family Principles

Gold in Minnesota

Is Global Warming Real?

   The Broad Spectrum of Views on Global Warming...

Legal Matters

Methadone Addiction

  -Let's Make a Deal on Drugs by Angie Simonson

  -Methadone Clinic Doctor reach $8.5 Million Settlement with Carlton County Crash Victims