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Tips to a Top Fishing Guide

Fishing Guides – How to find a good one
by Marvin Pirila

The right fishing guide can greatly enhance your chances of success.  Fishing is relaxing, but it is certainly more fun when you’re catching fish.  After all, it costs a lot of money and takes limited and precious vacation time to go.

Fishing guides should have references

But how do you know a good guide from a bad one?  The most important way is to get references and contact them.  Ask clients straight questions like:

-How would you describe your experience?
- Did you catch fish?
-Was the guide willing to share tips and tricks with you?
-Was your guide personable?
-Would you go with him or her again?
You can also check with the local chamber of commerce, visitor’s center, and sporting good stores for more information.

Fishing guides are easily found online
A growing number of fishing guides are now on the Internet.  In a matter of a few minutes, you can view pictures, read testimonials, get referrals, and get information on the local area.  Some even have topographical maps.  Follow up on the referrals and see what they have to say.  A good fishing guide website will provide you with all of the information you need to determine when you have found the “right” one.

Get the most out of your fishing guide

A good fishing guide is instrumental in knowing the best places to fish, what tackle works best, and what techniques to use.  A good guide will want you to catch fish, offering instruction and advice to help you do so.

To get the most out of your guide, observe his habits and techniques closely.  Pay attention to the structure and depth of the waters, as well as the tackle used. 

A good guide will help you be more successful long after the day is done.