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Enbridge Line 3 Updates and Information

Minnesotans for Line 3 Newsletter
January 26, 2021


While last week the federal permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline was revoked, construction continues to move forward on the Line 3 Replacement Project, and the actions surrounding Keystone in no way affect Line 3.


The big difference is that KXL is a "proposed" new pipeline. It's not an operating pipeline like Line 3 that has safely supplied energy to our region for decades. The Line 3 Replacement Project is a safety and maintenance driven project.


Supportive groups continue to monitor the situation and advocate at all levels of government to make sure Line 3 keeps moving forward. 


We are grateful for your continued support. Please see below for other ways you can help support Line 3.
Construction Update


Since starting on December 1st, 2020, significant progress is being made across 5 construction spreads. Clearing, top soil grading, stringing, welding, and coating is in progress in all spreads, and trenching has already begun in three of the five spreads. 


There is a lot of work to be done, but the work being done and the benefits to Minnesota workers and our communities is already evident.


Moving forward, we will include a construction update summaries to help you stay up to date on the incredible progress being made on the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project. Click here to see the most recent public status report.


Letters to the Editor


You have been fantastic in helping us get our message out by sending in letters to newspapers across Minnesota. Check out some of the recent letters Line 3 supporters have gotten published:


Duluth News Tribune: Line 3 work already boosting bottom lines across northern Minnesota


“Enbridge has invested heavily in health and safety protocols to address COVID-19 and minimize risk in our communities, once again demonstrating how the company will not take any shortcuts in the construction of the safest pipeline in America.”
Grand Forks Herald: Line 3 creating positive momentum

“For the communities, this project goes through, they will soon be able to count on an increase of millions in tax revenue each year. This state needs this project. It is putting thousands to work in one of the largest economic downturns in our country’s history. It is helping businesses stay afloat, it’s protecting our environment, and it’s ensuring we have a reliable supply of oil to our state refineries.”
Duluth News Tribune: ‘Senseless’ if something stops Line 3 work

“As great as it is to see things happening now, the benefits of this project will extend long into the future. Replacing Line 3 will protect our environment, make sure our state has oil transported safely and efficiently to our refineries, bring in tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue, and update extremely important infrastructure.”


Duluth News Tribune: Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement has passed every test


“The Line 3 Replacement Project has passed every test and is being built on data gathered during six years of fact- and science-based regulatory and permitting review. That includes 70 public comment meetings, appellate review and reaffirmation of a 13,500-page Environmental Impact Statement, four separate reviews by administrative law judges, 320 route modifications in response to stakeholder input, and multiple reviews and approvals by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for the project’s certificate of need and route permit.”


The election may be over, but we can still make our voices heard with lawn signs. If you are interested in putting a Minnesotans for Line 3 sign in your hard, fill out the form here and we will mail one to you!

Order Lawn Sign

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