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Stalin’s Ape-Man Army

If Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin had his way in the mid-1920’s the Russians would have rebuilt the Red Army with half man half ape soldiers. 


A December 20, 2005 report in The Scotsman newspaper claimed that Stalin ordered Russia’s top animal-breeding scientist, Ilya Ivanov, to use his skills to produce a super warrior. Stalin told Ivanov, ‘I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat.’  In 1926, the Politburo in Moscow passed his request to build a ‘living war machine’ on to the Academy of Sciences.  The academy employed Ivanov and sent him to West Africa to conduct experiments in impregnating chimpanzees by artificial insemination.  The USSR established a centre in Georgia, Stalin’s birthplace, for the ‘apes’ to be raised.


It all started in 1910 when Ivanov gave a presentation at the World Congress of Zoologists in Graz, Austria, on the possibility of creating a human-ape hybrid.  In 1924, he obtained permission from the Pasteur Institute in Paris to use its experimental primate station in Kindia, French Guinea, for such an experiment.

There were no sexually mature chimpanzees in Kindia, so in 1926 he obtained permission from French Guinea’s colonial governor to work at the botanical gardens in Conakry. Ivanov artificially inseminated three chimpanzees that failed to become pregnant.


Dictator Stalin, an atheist, based upon his belief in evolution, was quite capable of envisioning the use of the technology, should it prove successful, to produce slave hybrid warriors.


Ivanov shared Stalin’s belief in evolution, and if evolution were true, humans and apes would be closely related – and could be interbred.  In Africa, Ivanov likely believed the widely held Darwinian racist view that Africans were closer to apes in their ancestry than he, a Caucasian, was, and used their sperm.


Ivanov’s experiments in Africa failed, as did experiments in Georgia to use monkey sperm in human volunteers.  Ivanov was punished for his failure with a sentence of five years’ jail, commuted to five years’ exile in Kazakhstan.


From a biblical viewpoint, no such natural human-ape hybrid is possible. God made man in the image of God, not in the image of an ape. People have a spiritual dimension, involving our ability to worship God. God does not, and will not, share His likeness with an ape.


The fact is that apes and man cannot produce offspring because they are different species - they never could and never can.


The fictional book, The Rabbit King of Russia, written by Mr R.G. Urch about 1940, followed the career of a real Soviet bureaucrat travelling about Russia to bring more food to the people through rabbit culture.  Mr. Urch was a correspondent for the London Times for Russia and the Baltic states in the 1920's and 1930's.

The details of the Ivanov expedition were the same in this book—taking place in 1925, financed by $10,000 US dollars, and working through the French research station. Mr Urch footnoted the episode with Leningrad newspaper articles dated November 27, and December 5, 1925.  


Hs book sheds light on the meaning behind the man-ape breeding attempt:


"The whole revolting idea is nothing more nor less than to prove that men and animals are one, that religion is wrong, that there is no God."


"(She) had been indignant from the first about the Soviet Government’s efforts to create a race of man-monkey or monkey-man to ‘throw into the face of churchmen’, as the Bolshevist leaders put it."


"The task of the Ivanov expedition was simple. It was to go to the Congo and, if possible, induce the French Pasteur station working there under Professor Calmette to assist the Bolshevist scientists to catch a number of female chimpanzee apes. After this, Ivanov and his staff would endeavor to fertilize the apes by artificial methods and bring back the mothers with their little human apes to gladden the hearts of the anti-God Society in Soviet Russia and prove that “There is no God.”"


Mr Urch also states that in 1926 a circumstantial report circulated in Moscow that the steamer transporting Ivanov’s ‘interesting female apes’ had been lost with all hands in the Black Sea. The expedition seems to have been a failure that the Bolsheviks did not wish to acknowledge.


Atheists failed in the sick attempt to breed ape-human hybrids, but still continue their efforts to make man and ape look genetically similar.  They are so blind with their own desires that they failed to realized they disproved evolution in the process.